Nemho vision, mission and principles

Broadview is a family of businesses with a great history and track record in the innovation of materials and bringing them to markets. Over many decades we have become part of the lives of millions of people with our décor materials, both inside and outside people’s houses and offices. This achievement makes us proud. However, we also see that we need and want to move forward.

We want to improve the lives of people by adding new technologies to the materials that we have all around us. We believe that this idea can give every object a new meaning and value. The possibilities are endless if we dare to look beyond our current panel-products and markets and see that every man made material is an opportunity for growth and innovation.

We will turn as much man made materials as we can into ‘impact materials’ that have a positive effect on the lives of people. This goal is not easy to achieve. But we will do it. We will mobilize all of our joint talents, capabilities, knowledge and energy to work together and change materials all around the world through technology. We, as a family of businesses, will constantly step from each other’s shoulders and truly work for each other’s success. This is how we weave our potential together. What can be born at one company, can be nurtured at another, can be improved elsewhere into proven concepts and diversified at yet another member of our family. This way of thinking and creating value is the future of our companies.

Shifting to impact materials demands that we accelerate our excellence by deeply integrating our core values responsibility, transparency and integrity in the DNA of our organizations. In order to realize this we will empower and trust every one of our employees to truly embrace and incorporate our values in their way of thinking and acting. We will create a new joint ‘impact material lab’ where the magic of technology meeting new applications and markets comes to life. This lab will be the greenhouse for the future of our family of businesses. Here we find new answers to the question: what new impact materials can we create together? Here we plant the seeds for our next successes in technology and in new markets. And here we create the new basis for a sustainable future for all of us.

We create impact materials! Are you in?



The world is looking for sustainable, timeless surface solutions that have a positive impact on people and their living environment.​


We improve our living spaces and urban landscapes with enduringly beautiful, innovative surface solutions.​


Care for the environment and the society 
Continuously improve and materialize sustainability, accept people for who they are, treat them with Respect​

Blend our complementary strengths to advance a common cause 
Be supportive of one another, encourage partners and co-workers to express opinions and ideas: Teamwork​

Pursue curiosity  
Embrace challenges, initiate change: Innovation​

Be reliable 
Behave with integrity, do things right, keep people safe: Trust​