The Nemho – Centre of Expertise Herzberg is situated at the production site of Homapal in Herzberg am Harz in Germany.

Homapal GmbH, with approximately 90 employees, produces and sells laminates with special surfaces of genuine metal and magnetic boards. The focus of Homapal is on high quality decorative interior design. With its product range, this manufacturer is an appealing choice for trade fair, shop fitting and furniture builders. Homapal products are ideal for indoor use in shops, hotels, surgeries, on cruise ships, in bars, restaurants and clubs – wherever surfaces are to be refined with elegant surfaces.

This particular history and expertise is mirrored as well in the activities of the CoE Herzberg. Our focus lies on innovation and development in the area of metal containing HPL either as the decorative element or as the functional layer as for example in magnetic boards.

Key features, that make metal containing laminates special is the bonding technology between metal and phenolic core and the lacquering of metal foil. These two technologies are the focal points of the CoE Herzberg.

Recent new products that originated here are:

  • Homapal metal SRM (Scratch Resistant Matt) products which opened up Homapal laminates that could traditionally only be installed in vertical applications to the installations in horizontal applications. This technology made also the anti-fingerprint features available for Homapal metal laminates.
  • Homapal A2-solution, which is a non-combustible element according to EN 13501-1 in a selection of Formica melamine decors.
  • Homapal Trend collection with new decors and surface structures.

Additionally the CoE Herzberg gives operational support to Homapal.