The Nemho – Centre of Expertise Quillan is situated at the production site of FORMICA in Quillan, France. Inventors of structured press plates in 1964, FORMICA France has produced thousands of press plates, for its own use and for other FORMICA Group Plants.

All types of structures are available:

  • Glossy and matt finishes
  • Woodgrains
  • Fantasy patterns including geometrical
  • Any type of non-directional structure from our range or from your own models.

All of these textured press plates can be processed to a surface finish ranging from high gloss to deep mat.

Our highly sophisticated production facilities enable us to provide perfect press plates with good release properties and updated structures. As a result with unique experience in this field, we have hundreds of new patterns ready to be used for which we master the complete process to adapt final results to customer research or requirements.

Our production capacity ensures etching processing even on large quantities of press plates.

As a service to clients, we recondition used press plates. Scratches and dents can be removed and press plates re-etched or transformed in glossy or matt finishes.