Adam Wibowo

International Trainee


I’m Adam. I come from Indonesia and live in the center of Eindhoven.

Though I’m Indonesian, I haven’t really lived there since I was 5. I’ve always pin-balled around from one country to the next, and if my memory serves me right, the Netherlands is the 10th country I’ve lived in. The closest place to home was Leuven, Belgium, where I studied chemical engineering at KU Leuven. From there I moved closer to the French Alps where I studied a second masters in international business at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

I’m passionate about photography and food. Though bulky, I take my camera everywhere, to document everything. And when it comes to food, I spend a healthy chunk of my weekend creating new dishes, tailoring old recipes, and trying out a wide variety of restaurants. I’m putting it out there, I don’t think I have disappointed anyone in my food place recommendations, so if you need inspiration on where to find good food, reach out to me!

What are you doing at Nemho?

To contextualize, Nemho stands for Next Material House. It serves as the research and development center for Broadview Holding’s material business. Projects based at Nemho are often cross-functional and involve multiple operating companies.

As part of the International Trainee Program at Broadview Holding, I’m doing the first out-of-three rotations at Nemho as a business analyst. It’s a rotational graduate scheme where we are tasked to manage three projects in three different functions and countries.

I started September 2021 at Nemho, and am working on a multi-faceted approach to improving the lifetime of press plates in the group – through data management, training and awareness, and standardization of processes. Due to the nature of my work, I get to travel around 30% of the time to other countries.

What is it like working at Nemho?

To sum it up in one word – progressive. We have flexible working hours, free Dutch language lessons, a beautiful open office space, state-of-the-art laboratories integrated into the office, zen interior architecture made with our products, monthly thirsty Thursdays and unlimited coffee (for you addicts).

Nemho is full of open-minded and youthful intellectuals looking to differentiate and improve the group’s products and processes. I was welcomed with open arms when I first got here. I remember getting off the bus on the first day and colleagues (strangers back then) identifying me as Adam. I was surprised anyone knew me. When asked, they told me my face was stuck on their desktop for a week or two – intriguing to me, but apparently a common practice at Nemho.

Everyone is working on different projects, but there is always an open communication line to share ideas and collaborate towards a common goal. Though I’m working alone in the project, there are always colleagues that could help guide you and connect you with the right people. In my opinion, Nemho has successfully created a comfortable and conducive environment to work efficiently and effectively.