Dimitra Touliatou

R&D Engineer

Who am I

My name is Dimitra and I come from a lively student city in Greece, which is where I also studied to be a mechanical engineer. During my studies, I turned my focus towards experimental research in applied mechanics and composite materials for aerospace applications, subsequently gaining a Master’s degree by developing super-lightweight materials for the protection of sensitive electronics on satellites.  I then continued to work in the aerospace industry, as an R&D engineer in a start-up developing advanced composite materials in collaboration with the European Space Agency. I always believe in challenging yourself, so when I decided to pursue a PhD, I also moved from my sunny beachside hometown in Greece to the opposite corner of Europe, rainy Scotland. During my PhD I continued to study composite materials, but I focused more on analytical and computational research, in order to gain a more complete and in-depth understanding of the materials I was studying. I now live in Eindhoven, which is the perfect starting point to explore new places and try new activities, so that life never gets boring.

What I do

I started in Nemho as part of a team focusing on out-of-the-box innovations in the Advanced Surface Technologies team. There, I worked with projects focusing on the customer experience of the panels, sustainability, and alternative product applications. After more than a year in this role, I moved into the Cellulose-Resin Composite Technologies team. I now work mostly with Fenix, the organization’s most prolific material. Part of Fenix’s production volume is pressed in advanced, high speed, continuous presses in Arpa Industriale. My main role is to focus on the continuous improvement of the production process, with the parallel development of the material to achieve improved efficiency and quality with a reduced carbon footprint.

Learning new things and understanding the root cause of physical phenomena is what drives me at work. Nemho gives me the freedom to bring my own ideas to the table, exploit my expertise to the fullest, and explore topics which can open up future paths for the company in greater depth.

My advice

My advice is to always go out of your comfort zone in order to grow the most.