Ursenna Velardi

Senior R&D Engineer and Team Leader

Who am I

I am an Italian Chemical engineer with BSc and MSc from Politecnico di Milano;  

I joined the Broadview International Trainee Programme in 2014 and worked at the R&D centre (now Nemho) since.

Personal interest: Travelling to discover new cultures, food and to get out of my own comfort zone.

Cooking, baking and preparing cocktails to experiment with new recipes or improve the existing ones.

Dancing and performing with my team or in couple, letting go of stress, feeling the adrenaline of being on stage and enjoying the rhythm.

What drives me

My ambition is to deliver strongly desired highly performing products within budget. I combine technical knowledge with structural planning, sense of aesthetics and interpersonal skills. I thrive when surrounded by a group of international highly skilled curios people as myself.

Besides from people around me, I get energy by the success in the market of the products I developed together with my team

What I do

After finalizing my International Trainee Programme, I am currently in the position of Senior R&D Engineer and Team Leader. After spending some years on process, I am now leading projects in the product development area where, together with my team, we come up with new products’  aesthetics and functionalities. What I particularly like about my current position is that it allows me to vary type of daily: from being in the lab to spending time during trials at production; from being in touch with architects and designers to desk work planning next activities.

Finally, I also deeply appreciate my role as Team Leader, I enjoy exchanging feedback, share ideas and coach my team members in their personal and professional growth.