Yujing Zhang

Manager MIC-team


Who am I

My name is Yujing Zhang. In November 2019, I joined Nemho as manager for the Materials, Instrumentation & Characterization (MIC) team .

I am a polymer scientist. First I had my bachelor education in China, then I earned my MSc and PhD degree at TU Eindhoven. During my PhD research, I explored the possibility to combine radiation curing technology and self-healing network to enhance function coating performance. That experience lead me to the coating industry, where I started my career at the corporate innovation group of Allnex, a coating resin company.


What drives me

Personally, I am keen on driving forward material innovation by building people connection within community and interdisciplinary collaboration. That is why I found Nemho as a nice company to work in, where I enjoyed a lot the diversity in the community and the passion for bringing technology, design and sustainability together.

I felt really proud that during the COVID break-out, the Nemho teams made it possible to relocate the laboratory/office into the new building bravely and safely. This has absolutely become the most unforgettable memory for myself. I am thrilled to see more creative ideas nourished into wonderful material products, right here, at such wonderful facility and amazingly international community.”